WA Limestone - Blade Sign

With the opening of a new office and administration building, WA Limestone have stylishly raised the company’s profile via a modern glass and stone facade with accents of copper and bronze, and clean contemporary lines.

To compliment their new modern address, Publik was approached to design entry signage that would raise brand awareness while remaining sympathetic to the architecture of the building. The resulting blade sign at 8 metres high with illuminated LED acrylic lettering at the rear forms a striking entry statement.

Additionally, the angled shape at the base of the blade sign was inspired by, and therefore replicates the angles within the WA Limestone logo, further enforcing the relationship through material and graphical components.

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CLIENT:  WA Limestone

LOCATION:  Bibra Lake, Western Australia

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WA Limestone Entry StatementWA Limestone Entry StatementWA Limestone Entry Statement drawingWA Limestone Entry StatementWA Limestone Entry Statement