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How to price your interpretive signage, made easy.

A few years back, the decision was made to design a cost-effective suite of interpretive signs that would work in most, if not all, of your interpretive environments and overcome the difficulties of providing costs for projects in their infancy.

Enter, “The Brolga Suite.”

Beyond the success of this professionally designed suite of interpretive signs, that continue to evolve in response to your unique requirements, the suite has proven to be a valuable tool when formulating your budgets for either in-house or external funding applications.

As each of the signs in the catalogue are designed to serve a different purpose, we wanted to share the individual costs associated with each sign type, to allow you to formulate real world costings which support your budgeting and funding efforts.

We know there are more costs to consider than signage alone and we aim to put a post together about these considerations in the coming weeks to further assist you in developing your interpretive projects.

We invite you to download our Brolga Suite catalogue and costings so you have a starting point to work from.

For any requirements outside of the suite, which need a more customised approach, we welcome and encourage your questions, and look forward discussing your unique stories.

John Brown-Neaves