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Publik is built from a team of Thinkers and Makers, all working together to design and construct effective signage which activates, navigates and communicates to build better visitor experiences.


Our Thinkers dissect a project to find the simple answers, removing all the complexity before it’s built. They undertake the planning, research and design phases while working together with our Makers to solve problems – before they actually become problems.


Signage Audit
A signage audit reveals what works for and against your business. It helps to consolidate signage and reduce the number of essential signs, based on evidence and new ideas.
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Signage Strategy
By beginning with a signage strategy, you can plan for consistent branding across all your signs. We will help develop the ideal signage solution for your business.

Wayfinding Strategy
When planning larger projects or those that need wayfinding, we can help plan and organise the idea types of signage and locations. Helping the general public navigate their way around.

Project Management
From start to finish of the signange process, we can project manage the design, fabrication and installation of your signage. Ensuring that the project is delivered on time and in budget.

Design Documentation
Our design team can craft the right documentation for you, so no matter when you need to refer back to it, you can have it on hand.

Structural Engineers Certification
Safety is key and we ensure that the signage we create is within the correct strucutal safety tolerances. Providing a full Structural Engineers Certification to pass the required tests.

Environmental Graphic Design
Environmental Graphic Design involves multiple design disciplines, including architecture, interior, landscape, and industrial design. Its goal is to create experiences that connect people to a place.

Permits & Approvals
We can work with you to get the correct approvals for new signage at your business. Contacting local councils and authorities to ensure that the correct permits are issued/

Public Art Direction
Helping to install and and create signage to merge with public art that is on display is something we care about. Helping enhance the overall experience.

Architectural Signage
We have worked with a number of architects to create custom wayfinding signage for new buidlings and complexes. We provide a suite of services for architects.

Interpretive Design
Our interpretive design services can create custom evironmental, cultural and heritage signage. We have worked with local councils, goverments and other organisations to build the ideal solution.



Our Makers bring everything to life with quality craftsmanship and a lot of attention to detail. They take ideas and turn them into something tangible, seamlessly.


Large Format Printing

CNC Router Cutting



Digital Printing

Anodic Printing

Colourlok Printing

Profile Cut Lettering

3 Dimensional Signage


Light Metal Fabrication

Commemorative Plaques


Traditional Signwriting

Installation (Remote and Local)