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The Listening Post Interpretive Signage

Let us introduce you to the newest addition of our storytelling family.

A self-powered audio sign, the Listening Post delivers quality audio to your indoor and outdoor projects with a few turns of its handle, adding depth and a sense of personal connection to the storyteller.

Audio adds an immersive layer to interpretive sites by complementing existing signage. Many visitors prefer to listen, rather than read. By Including an audio aspect to your interpretive signage you will ensure all visitors to your site are engaged.

Introducing sound and voice gives greater authenticity to the stories we share – imagine trying to place your visitors into the story by describing the sound of a kookaburra laughing, or the waves crashing on the shoreline. Sometimes words alone just aren’t enough.

Using the Listening Post enables you to share your story in multiple different languages, and opens up your stories to visitors who may have low vision or reading difficulties, ensuring your interpretive site is accessible to all visitors.

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