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Large Format Printing

Large format printing (or flatbed printing) provides endless opportunities to create unique products and environments. How? By printing directly to the surface of virtually any rigid sheet material.

By printing directly to your chosen material, the raw element of the material is allowed to shine through. A great example of this is printing to plywood where the grain and the graphic work together to provide a natural feel. This cannot be achieved with self-adhesive films where the background would be blocked out.

Large format printing can help bring your brand and story to life. It is ideal for use within engaging exhibition spaces, stunning retail environments, and hospitality fitouts. Flatbed printing offers more choice, with the ability to deliver wall and ceiling applications previously unachievable.

We can even create unique 2D textures like bark and leather, along with tactile signage like braille, bringing another dimension to signage and interior applications.

Got an idea? We are here to work with you to realise the potential of this exciting medium of large format printing.


Benefits to large format printing: 

  • Allows the material to shine through for creative effect
  • A more economical choice than self-adhesive films
  • Produces approximately 75% less waste than self-adhesive film printing
  • Print white to even the darkest products
  • Use white ink to highlight areas of a design
  • Print directly to unique and random shapes
  • Uses highly durable UV ink
  • Can be coated with polyurethane for increased durability
  • Achieve finer detail – clearly prints text as low as 5pt on most substrates
  • Print onto materials up to 50mm
  • Textured printing – Achieve 2D textures (like bark or leather) to achieve an embossed effect
  • Time efficient


What materials do we print onto? 

Acoustic panel printing:

Acoustic panels not only serve as a functional way to reduce noise within your space, but they can also serve as a feature on areas such as a wall or ceiling. Publik has previously printed onto acoustic board from Autex Acoustics for the WA Museum. These acoustic panels now feature within the ‘Changes’ gallery.

Timber & Plywood printing:

Timber and plywood make an ideal material for flatbed printing, and are mostly used for exhibition, interpretation and interior wayfinding applications. The grain coming through the artwork can provide an organic feature. Publik achieved this effect for multiple exhibition panels that now feature within the WA Museum gallery ‘Wildlife’.

Glass printing:

Glass printing can be used for a variety of applications. Our UV inks adhere directly to the glass and provide a unique perspective for your artwork. You can choose to print onto the back of the glass to create a 3D-like effect. A popular application for glass printing would be splashbacks where the print is protected by the glass creating a serviceable working surface.

Acrylic printing:

Acrylic or ‘plexiglass’ is a light-weight and durable alternative to glass. Acrylic can be used for exterior or interior applications and is weather resistant. This product was used within the WA Museum project and now features throughout all galleries.

Aluminium printing:

Aluminium is one of the most popular materials used here at Publik. Aluminium is versatile, durable, and lightweight. It can be powdercoated, folded, engraved, and recycled. Which is why we love it. Printing directly to a raw or powdercoated aluminium panel creates a sleek and versatile effect that can be used in virtually any environment.

Perforated aluminium / mesh printing:

Publik has printed onto perforated aluminium that now features within the ‘Reflections’ gallery of the WA Museum. Examples of how this effect looks can be viewed below.

Polypropylene printing:

Polypropylene provides a sustainable alternative to PVC and Corflute. Manufactured right here in Australia by Melbourne based factory and company Megara, this product is 100% carbon neutral and recyclable. Produced by an innovative company with on-site recycling capabilities, this product is lightweight, strong, rigid and Australian made. Publik printed onto polypropylene to create the pages for flip books that now feature within multiple galleries of the WA Museum.

Stainless steel printing:

Stainless steel is a long-lasting and rust resistant product. It can be used for a variety of applications such as commercial, retail and wayfinding signage. Given its durable qualities it makes a great exterior signage choice.

What we don’t print onto:

We do not print single use promotional material that cannot be recycled. We are continuously searching for sustainable alternatives which reduce our impact on the environment.

When do you use Large Format Printing for? 

  • Exhibition spaces
  • Environmental graphics
  • Retail fitouts
  • Hospitality fitouts
  • Plaque and recognition signage
  • Acoustic wall and ceiling panels
  • illuminated signage
  • Tactile and braille signage
  • Furniture treatments
  • Wayfinding signage
  • Interpretive signage
  • POS displays