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Cottesloe Foreshore Beach Access Path Signage Strategy

Foreshore Redevelopment

As part of the broader Cottesloe Foreshore Redevelopment project, Publik were engaged to assess and develop a beach access path signage strategy to complement the new beach access entries being rolled out along this world-famous stretch of coastline.

With a focus on visitor experience and connection to the environment, Publik undertook an audit of all existing signage along the coastal pathway from South to North. Over 16 existing signage typologies were identified, many of which served similar purposes however had very little visual consistency.

A single signage form was developed taking inspiration from a towel draped over a beachgoers shoulder, a quintessential posture amongst Australian culture. The signage was designed to consolidate all of the current typologies into a single signage form which would reduce clutter and provide a single point of reference to beach users. The eastern side of each sign communicates beach emergency information and wayfinding cues to keep beachgoer’s safe and build awareness of their current location. The Western side of the signs provide a platform to deliver interpretive and community-based content sharing the rich stories of this stretch of coastline.

Signage, Wayfinding
Cottesloe WA, Australia
Ecoscape, Town of Cottesloe