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Turquoise Way Walk Trail Interpretive Signage

Coastal Walk Trail

When you travel a few hours north of Perth to Jurien Bay, you can expect crystal clear, aqua blue water, pristine white beaches, and if you’re lucky, you might spot the resident sea lions. Some friendly faces you might encounter include the local community who have made this beautiful place their home, and tourists flocking to the region for the perfect summertime escape.

The Turquoise Way walk trail extends from Jurien Bay’s Boat Harbour all the way to Hill River, along 14 kilometres of Western Australia’s iconic coastline. The walk trail allows you access to some previously untouched places along this section of the coast.

Signage featured along the Turquoise Way walk trail is from Publik’s Brolga Suite of interpretative signage, featuring interpretative nodes on Brolga Blade, sharing Jurien Bay’s many stories with you. Informative content keeps you orientated on the walk trail while providing guidelines to keep safe and protect the surrounding environment. Also featured from the Brolga Suite is the Brolga Directional, keeping track of all 14 kilometres.

You can stop to rest and appreciate the natural, isolated beauty surrounding you while discovering more about Jurien Bay, like the local Yued people, the history of Jurien Bay including its shipwrecks and European settlement, as well as learning about Jurien Bay’s beloved sea lions and the unique environment at Mount Leseur and the Hill River Estuary.

Interpretive, Wayfinding
Jurien Bay WA, Australia
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