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Place of the Wild Dog – Yoganup Park

Yoganup, the place of the wild dog. Yoganup Park in the City of Busselton was once home to the now extinct Thylacine, making an appearance as far back as 2 million years ago.

The original wild dog was the first of many to inhabit this area that is today a botanical walk, with flora interpretive signage sharing information about each plant species including the Wadandi name and traditional use alongside botanical and common names.

Welcoming you to Yoganup Park are major and minor entry statements featuring an artwork of the Thylacine by respected artist and Wadandi elder Sandra Hill, who has a long-standing connection to this country.

The Thylacine’s iconic stripes are replicated as cut through negative space at the top of the anodised sign faces, revealing a rust treated finish seamlessly evolving with the natural environment it is now inhabiting. Recycled natural jetty timbers stand proud alongside the entry statements as a nod to the City of Busselton’s iconic coastal location.

Next time you’re walking the dog through Yoganup Park, be sure to take in the scenery and unique botanical species, and remember the original wild dogs who have walked the land before.

Environmental Graphics, Interpretive, Public Art
City of Busselton, WA, Australia
City of Busselton